I am a freelance designer specialised in stage, lighting and video design. I graduated from Concordia University in 2005 obtaining a BFA in Design for the Theatre with honours. I’ve been working as an assistant designer since 2004, both in the French and English theatre community in Montreal. I also completed two internships with the Cirque du Soleil, one with Robert Lepage’s Ex Machina, and one as storyboard artist for the highly successful Montreal production of Don Juan directed by Gilles Maheu. These experiences have given me a broad understanding of the industry ranging from the independent, small budget theatre scene to large-scale, big budget shows.

As an assistant designer I’ve worked with Ana Cappelluto on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland directed by Dean Patrick Fleming (2006, Geordie Productions), Blacks Don’t Bowl directed by Nigel Shawn Williams (2006, Black Theatre Workshop), Bye Bye Baby directed by Claire Schapiro (2004, Imago Theatre), and Tightrope Time directed by Ahdri Zhina Mandiela (2004, Black Theatre Workshop). I have also assisted Raymond Marius Boucher on the designs for the television events Célébration 2007 and Célébration 2006 for Loto-Québec produced by Avanti Ciné/Video.

In 2010 I obtained my MA from Concordia University’s Special Individualised Program. My research focused on the use of projection technologies and image media in stage performance, with a thesis entitled “The Stage, the screen and the space between: Re-thinking projected imagery in live performance.” During the course of my masters I had the opportunity to witness the creative process on two major productions that used novel video projection technologies: Totem (2009, Cirque du Soleil) and Der Ring des Nibelungen (2010-2012, Ex Machina/Metropolitan Opera), both directed by Robert Lepage. With this specialisation I expanded my skills to video and projection design. In 2007 I designed large-scale video projections for the Ste-Justine Centennial Gala that took place at the Bell Centre. The project involved designing several types of content to dress two 120’ screens during the span of the evening. The content included ambiance mood-scapes, video segments honouring the hospital’s history and achievements, recorded interludes with children playing and dancing on the screens, and live transmission of the performances on stage.

Recently I ventured into film with the production of the short animated film “Alex and the Ghosts” (2009, Cité Amérique), acting as co-creator and producer. I hope this experience will lead to more opportunities as I now wish to pursue both passions, the stage and the screen.

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